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We believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to divorce, so we take a personalized approach, building a solid relationship with you. Understanding your needs and goals allows us to guide you to the best outcome possible.

Wauwatosa Wisconsin Divorce Attorneys

If you try to go through a divorce proceeding without a lawyer, it can be an unbelievably stressful experience – not to mention that the outcome probably won’t be as favorable as you’d like. Fortunately, Milwaukee County residents, including those in Wauwatosa, have access to some of the best legal talent in the nation. You can feel confident that you will get the settlement you deserve with the expert Wauwatosa divorce attorneys at Bandle & Zaeske LLP.

There are a lot of issues to be resolved during a divorce. If there is a home or other major assets which were purchased during the marriage, the disposition of this property will have to be decided. If you and your spouse have children, then you will need to come to some sort of agreement regarding where the children will live and whether you or your spouse will have sole custody or if there will be a joint custody arrangement. For couples with children who are going through a divorce in Wauwatosa, child support is another matter which will have to be dealt with.

Representing yourself is not usually an advisable path. The proceedings of divorce court are complicated and a legally inexperienced pro se litigants fumbling through procedure, only bogs down the process. More importantly, the inexperience of litigants who choose to represent themselves often leads to less than favorable outcomes.

Too many litigants think divorce’s legal process is something they can handle on their own when in reality the complexities are extremely difficult to understand for someone that is not professionally trained.  There is too much at stake to go it alone. Let the experienced and knowledgeable Wauwatosa divorce lawyers at Bandle & Zaeske LLP guide you through the complex process of divorce to the settlement you deserve.

Because divorce is such a complex topic, being an attorney well-versed in family law alone isn’t enough. You deserve to be kept informed about the outlook of your divorce honestly, consistently and in language you can understand.  The Wauwatosa divorce attorneys at Bandle & Zaeske LLP will speak to you in plain English, not legalese.

A good divorce lawyer is also one you can trust. All the legal expertise in the world isn’t worth much if the attorney possessing it isn’t a straightforward person you can count on. Succeeding in a highly contentious divorce hearing requires you to share very personal information about yourself, your marriage and your finances that might be difficult to talk about. Opening up to someone you don’t feel comfortable with is impossible. A talented and ethical lawyer, like the attorney’s at Bandle & Zaeske LLP, will get you the settlement you deserve without sacrificing your dignity.

If you and your spouse have children, finding a divorce attorney that is well-versed in issues like child custody and child support is essential.  But pairing that expertise with an understanding and respect for the emotional impact divorce has on children is what truly sets a lawyer apart. A custody dispute is one of the most difficult uncertainties children face in a divorce.  Having a lawyer that not only knows how to navigate the legal aspects of the issue, but also considers the insecurities children face through the process can make the situation more bearable for you and your children on every level.

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A Wauwatosa divorce attorney who specializes in divorce and other aspects of family law practice can help you to negotiate with your spouse and their attorney – and if necessary, also represent you in court to make sure that you and your children’s interests are protected.

If you and your spouse have already filed for divorce or are planning to end the marriage, then it’s time to get in touch with Bandle & Zaeske LLP divorce attorneys in the Wauwatosa, WI area. We can ensure that you receive your fair share of the property and assets acquired during the marriage. Divorce is never easy, but with the right divorce lawyer at your side, it will be that much easier to resolve all of the legal matters involved so that you can get on with your life as quickly as possible.