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We believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to divorce, so we take a personalized approach, building a solid relationship with you. Understanding your needs and goals allows us to guide you to the best outcome possible.

Milwaukee Wisconsin Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

Even the simplest divorce cases can be tricky without skilled counsel

Divorce is always a difficult decision. If you are lucky, however, you and your spouse have stayed on good terms and agreed on the issues related to the divorce. The legal term used to describe this type of situation is uncontested divorce. Because this process is relatively simple and inexpensive, parties sometimes choose to represent themselves. However, hiring a qualified divorce attorney reduces the risk of making a costly mistake. The Wisconsin divorce lawyers at Bandle & Zaeske, LLP answer your questions honestly and reassure you every step of the way. We are located in the Milwaukee area and have more than 50 years combined experience handling complex divorce and family law matters in Milwaukee, Washington, Ozaukee, Racine, Fond du Lac, Dodge and Waukesha counties. Our goal is to resolve your divorce in a cost-effective manner, with positive results for you and your family.

A qualified Milwaukee divorce attorney makes the process easier

In an uncontested divorce, failure to complete and submit the proper paperwork can cause delays and affect the outcome of your case. Failure to follow proper procedures could result in the dismissal of your case. Therefore it is crucial to hire a qualified lawyer. The first thing he or she will verify is that you meet the six-month and 30-day state and county residency requirements necessary in order to seek a divorce in Wisconsin. If that’s the case, your attorney will file the appropriate paperwork on your behalf. In addition to the joint petition for divorce, which officially begins the process, you must submit the following:

Keep in mind that the requirements vary greatly from county to county.  You may have to submit additional paperwork depending on where you’ve filed for divorce. Once the judge has all of the pertinent material in hand, they will schedule a hearing. This final hearing is short but very detailed. If there are no discrepancies in your paperwork or testimony, and the judge accepts the agreement between you and your spouse, they will sign off on it. This will effectively end your marriage, as long as the specified time period since you filed the divorce papers has elapsed.

Why you need an experienced Wisconsin attorney on your side

Getting divorced in Wisconsin can be costly. As a result, you may be tempted to represent yourself in an uncontested divorce. By doing so, you could unwittingly put yourself in both financial and legal jeopardy – and the agreement you and your spouse reach is nearly impossible to modify once the court approves it. A good Wisconsin divorce lawyer ensures the agreements you and your spouse reach with regard to the following issues are in your best interests:

Our Milwaukee Wisconsin divorce attorneys answer your questions in a free consultation

Although it is tempting to represent yourself in an uncontested divorce, it is best to consult with an experienced Milwaukee divorce attorney to answer any questions, address your concerns and ensure your best interests are protected. If you are contemplating divorce, the Wisconsin divorce lawyers at Bandle & Zaeske, LLP encourage you to phone our office at (414) 359-1424 to schedule a free consultation, or contact us online. Our Milwaukee office is easily accessible and conveniently located at the corner of the 4 counties and accept credit cards for your convenience.