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In a divorce, there are many issues that can cause friction or exacerbate tension between you and your spouse. Child support is likely to be one. Couples are frequently at odds over the need for child support, the amount awarded, or failure to pay. If you are currently in the same, or similar situation, you can rely on the knowledgeable child support lawyers at Bandle & Zaeske, LLP for thorough, professional legal representation.

Wisconsin child support Law

Depending on the circumstances, the presiding judge in a divorce case can order one or both parents to provide financial support for qualifying children. In Wisconsin, qualifying children are those who have not yet turned 18. Those who have not yet turned 19, but are still in high school or studying for their GED, are also classified as qualifying children.

Several factors, including a comprehensive assessment of the couple’s finances – including combined and individual income — determine who must make child support payments and how much must be paid. The initial amount is not set in stone, however. Adjustments can be made based on various criteria such as:

  • Additional financial burdens – Incurred through either parent’s legal obligation to provide for someone other than their child/children.
  • Changes associated with the child’s schooling – Including tuition hikes if the child attends private or parochial schools; increased fees for extracurricular activities and so on.
  • Loss of income – Resulting from the primary caregiver’s decision to stop working in order to care for the child or children at home.
  • Childcare costs – Incurred if the primary caregiver has one or more full time jobs.
  • Health insurance costs – Payment of health, dental and vision insurance for children.

Child support enforcement in Wisconsin and the consequences for failing to make required payments

After a child support order is issued, someone has to make sure all of the requirements set forth in it are met. In Wisconsin, local child support agencies affiliated with the state Department of Children and Families perform that task. These local agencies are also responsible for taking appropriate enforcement actions when the order is violated or ignored. Here’s what happens when the amount of back child support owed reaches an amount prescribed by law:

  • Tax refunds can be confiscated
  • Applications for loans, grants or passports can be denied
  • Additional measures can be taken

In some cases, the local child support agency or an individual who hasn’t been getting mandated payments will file a motion with the courts. Then, a hearing will be held to determine whether the person in question is in contempt of court. A judge will hold the individual in contempt if there is evidence that he or she was capable of paying child support but failed to do so. Penalties can include jail time if payment is not rendered.

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