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We believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to divorce, so we take a personalized approach, building a solid relationship with you. Understanding your needs and goals allows us to guide you to the best outcome possible.

Sussex Wisconsin Divorce Lawyers

No one plans for divorce. “Till death do us part” is included in marriage vows for a reason but sadly these aren’t magic words. Sometimes marriages breakdown and divorce is the most sensible option for everyone involved.

Even when you’ve come to terms with the fact that your marriage is ending in divorce, the long path toward normalcy still lies ahead.  Don’t let the complex legal issues that surround divorce become a huge bump in the road.

The best way to avoid the legal pitfalls of divorce is to have an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate Sussex divorce lawyer on your side. The divorce attorneys at Bandle & Zaeske LLP offer just that kind of guidance.

Issues like child support, child custody and the division of property and finances are governed by difficult and multifaceted legal procedures. Child custody, in particular, can become an especially contentious aspect of divorce. These may seem like issues you and your spouse can sort out on your own, but in the majority of instances that isn’t the case.

Too many couples go it alone only to discover their error later. They end up spending more to have a divorce attorney come in and navigate the messy, expensive and ceaseless litigation that ensues. Seeking the aid of a quality Sussex divorce lawyer from the start is a much better option.

Divorce, by its very nature, breeds conflict.  What might start out amicable may soon deteriorate into a spiteful legal war of attrition. A well-seasoned attorney can help prevent your divorce from getting to that point and ensure you and your children’s best interests are served if it already has.

At Bandle & Zaeske LLP we’ll do everything in our power to get you the settlement you deserve before your divorce enters the courtroom. But, if family court is unavoidable, you can rest assured that our Sussex divorce lawyers will represent you assertively and competently. Protecting you and your children’s interests is our job and we do it with the compassion, integrity and expertise that situations like a divorce proceeding demand.

Sussex, like most municipalities in Waukesha County, has a lower divorce rate than most of the nation and indeed, most of the state of Wisconsin. While married couples living together may be the norm in Sussex, not every marriage works out, just like anywhere else.

If you and your spouse are soon to part ways, then it’s time to get in touch with the experienced Sussex divorce lawyers at Bandle & Zaeske LLP to help you through the process of divorce.

There is no getting around the facts: divorce is a hard thing. It’s stressful for everyone involved, it’s emotionally draining and the only pleasant thing about it is that once it’s all over you can get back on your feet and begin living your life again. In order to make your divorce as quick and as clean of a break as possible, you’ll need a Sussex divorce lawyer who is an expert in Wisconsin divorce law to represent your interests both in and out of court. 

Protect Your Best Interests By Hiring a Sussex Wiconsin Divorce Lawyer at Bandle & Zaeske LLP

We’d all like to think that divorce can be settled amicably between ourselves and our spouses, but in practice, this is rarely the case. There are a lot of things to settle over the course of a divorce and even though you’re both reasonable people, there are always matters that you and your spouse won’t agree.

The Divorce attorneys at Bandle & Zaeske LLP can help you by making every effort to find a resolution without having to fight it out in front of a judge and by ensuring that your interests are well represented when things do have to be settled in court.

Whether it’s the disposition of marital property or Sussex child support payments which need to be handled, choosing the right Sussex divorce lawyers can make all the difference in the world to the outcome of your divorce.