Proposal Eliminates Six Month Waiting Period to Remarry

Proposal Eliminates Six Month Waiting Period to Remarry

Are you recently divorced and ready to remarry? Thanks to a proposed bill in the state legislature, you may not have to wait very long to say “I do”. Legislation recently approved by the Wisconsin Assembly eliminates the state’s mandatory six-month waiting period currently in place for those that have divorced and who wish to remarry.

Six month waiting period

Under existing Wisconsin state law, a person who has divorced in Wisconsin or any other state is required to wait six months after the divorce is finalized before remarrying. Wisconsin’s law was first introduced in 1911 and modified in 1977; it is now one of only six states that have a mandatory remarriage waiting period. And, of those states, Wisconsin has one of the longest required waiting period at six months. Keep in mind that this waiting period is in addition to the four-month waiting period to finalize divorce proceedings in the state. As it stands, the average time to complete a divorce is much longer than the 120 days.

Proposed bill

The proposed bill, AB 521, was authored by Republican Representative Cindi Duchow. Representative Duchow argued that individuals should decide for themselves when they are ready to remarry. Furthermore, Representative Duchow maintains that the current mandatory waiting period penalizes people who divorce, when, in fact, they have not broken any laws. Critics of the proposed legislation contend that elimination of the waiting period could result in an increase in the number of divorces as the newly single rush into new marriages. They also argue that the waiting period allows for proper reflection and can protect minor children from going through the trauma of a divorce right into a parent’s new marriage. Under the proposed legislation, once a couple’s divorce is finalized, both individuals are free to remarry whenever they wish. The bill goes before the Wisconsin state Senate next for approval. If passed, the legislation then must be signed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker before it can become law.

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