Legal Guidance After Divorce

Legal Guidance After Divorce

Milwaukee family law firm provides experienced counsel for life post-divorce

When you are divorcing, most of your time and energy is consumed with the divorce process itself and matters concerning child custody, physical placement, and division of property. It is understandable. But life after divorce can be challenging, particularly if you are navigating that landscape alone. At Bandle & Zaeske, LLP our legal counsel extends beyond the divorce process. Our experienced divorce and family law attorneys provide legal guidance for your life post-divorce and explain your rights so that your transition to this next phase of life is as smooth as possible.

Post-divorce modification

Life is complicated and circumstances change. For that reason, certain aspects of divorce judgements may be modified post-divorce. While the division of property in a divorce is final when the divorce itself becomes final, the court may modify the terms of spousal maintenance in certain cases. In Wisconsin, the court may also modify the terms of child support, legal custody, and child placement if the child is a minor, depending upon the specific circumstances of the case.

Division of assets

Many couples choose to divide their retirement accounts as part of the division of property in the divorce. This process varies from one account to another, and can be complicated. For the most part, dividing an IRA is straightforward and can be done with the assistance of the plan administrator. Most 401k plans, however, require a special order from the divorce judgement in order to divide the assets. When dividing pension plans and other benefit plans, spouses may require another type of special order to complete the division.

What if I disagree with the court’s final order?

Once a divorce is finalized through a settlement agreement or after a court decision, the decision may be challenged by either spouse. If either spouse disagrees with the court’s final order, they may appeal the decision or seek to modify the divorce decree. There are strict legal guidelines and deadlines when filing an appeal and the appeal must be limited to an important error that took place during the course of the trial. To appeal a trial court judgement, the party must file a notice of appeal with the court, outlining the issues that are in dispute. This notice is sent to the Court of Appeals along with case briefs to support the argument. If the procedures for appeal as set forth by the state and county are not adhered to, the party may lose their right to an appeal. Because the terms of settlement agreements are agreed to by both spouses, it is unusual for these agreements to be overturned upon appeal, unless there were issues with how the agreement itself was achieved and how it will be enforced.

Our team is with you every step of the way

At the family law firm Bandle & Zaeske, LLP, our Wisconsin divorce attorneys guide you through the divorce process from start to finish, including providing sound legal guidance after divorce. Our skilled team shares more than 50 years of experience, with a reputation for excellence. We are dedicated to providing professional, compassionate, experienced counsel to achieve the best possible outcome in each divorce proceeding. Contact our office at 414-359-1424 or contact us online to arrange for a confidential consultation to discuss your situation. Our Milwaukee office is easily accessible and conveniently located at the corner of the 4 counties and we work with individuals and families in Milwaukee, Washington, Ozaukee and Waukesha counties, as well as Dodge, Racine, Fond du Lac and Sheboygan counties.

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