January is Divorce Month

January is Divorce Month

Over the last several years, the month of January has earned the title of “Divorce Month.” The reason it has earned this nickname is because divorce filings tend to spike in January. There are many potential reasons for this surge in divorces at the beginning of the year, but it is often attributed to getting a fresh start for the new year.

If you are considering getting a divorce, we can help. The award-winning family law attorneys at Bandle and Zaeske, LLP have more than 50 years of combined experience handling all types of Wisconsin family law cases, including divorce. We can help you navigate the complexities of the law during this difficult time.

Why is it so Common to Get Divorced in January?

January is known as the month for fresh starts at the beginning of the new year. Many people choose January to file for divorce because they are ready for a new beginning in their lives. For them, January is as good of a time as any to make a fresh start in life.

Another reason January tends to be a popular month for filing for divorce is because it signifies the end of the holiday season. If a couple has made the difficult decision to get divorced toward the end of the year, they may decide to stick it out through the holidays to avoid putting a damper on the holidays for their family and friends. This is especially true if the couple has children, as the news of the divorce would understandably ruin the holidays that year, and probably for years to come. Additionally, the holidays tend to cause tensions to run high and create stressful conditions that may an already damaged marriage beyond the breaking point of repair.

How to Move Forward with Your Divorce

Once you have made the often-difficult decision to divorce your spouse, it is time to speak with an experienced Wisconsin family law attorney to discuss your options. The first step in the process is filing your petition for divorce. In order to file your divorce in the state of Wisconsin, you will need to have lived there for at least six months.

In Wisconsin, no divorce can be finalized within 120 of filing the petition. During that waiting period, however, you and your attorney will try to resolve issues with your former spouse and his or her attorney, and you may be able to get your case settled rather than proceed to trial. Trial can be expensive and both mentally and emotionally draining, so settlement is always worth exploring. In some particularly contentious divorces, there is no other option but trial.

To discuss your options in moving forward with a divorce, contact leading Wisconsin divorce attorneys at Bandle and Zaeske, LLP. We are ready to help you fight for a fair outcome in your divorce. Contact our office today by email or by calling us at (414) 359-1424 to get started. We work with clients throughout Milwaukee CountyOzaukee CountyRacine CountyWashington County, and Waukesha County.

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