Advantages of a Prenuptial Agreement

Advantages of a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements – those legally binding contracts that specify what happens with a couple’s assets if they divorce, separate, or one spouse passes away – are often considered unnecessary to couples who have separate bank accounts or have other individual assets. But this is a misconception. Once a couple marries, their separate assets may no longer be considered individual property, and are subject to division if the couple should divorce.

Prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements – commonly referred to as “prenups” — are prepared before a couple marries, and they are designed to address what will happen if the couple should legally separate, divorce, or if one spouse dies. Prenuptial agreements may specify spousal maintenance, division of property, and division of other assets.

Limits of separate bank accounts

Maintaining separate bank accounts can be beneficial for a number of reasons, including managing expenses and reducing conflict between spouses concerning finances. However, separate bank accounts do not offer protection from property division laws if a couple divorces.

Marital property and personal property

When a couple divorces, their property is evaluated to determine which property is considered “marital property” – property that was acquired before and during the couple’s marriage and as such is shared – or “individual property”, which is not subject to property division.

Wisconsin is a community property state

Wisconsin is a community property state in terms of division of property when a couple divorces. In a community property state, all the assets that a married couple owns subject to being divided equally if the couple divorces. These assets include: income earned by either spouse during the marriage such as salary, stock dividends, and retirement accounts; all real estate and personal property acquired prior to or during the marriage; and all debts that are incurred prior to or during the couple’s marriage. It does not matter which spouse may have earned more; everything is presumed to be divided equally.

Prenups provide protection

Prenuptial agreements provide the opportunity for couples to discuss their finances openly and to address which property is considered marital and which property is considered individual. Working with an experienced family law attorney, couples can specify how these matters should be addressed if the couple legally separates, divorces, or if one spouse passes away. Prenuptial agreements can always be modified or even nullified, should circumstances change.

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