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There are some divorces in which the parties are at odds over everything, unable to agree on child custody, child support, alimony, property division or physical placement. It seems the only thing in agreement is they no longer want to be married. If you are facing a contentious divorce, trust our experienced Milwaukee-area divorce lawyers at Bandle & Zaeske, LLP to see you through. Divorce is a life-changing event for everyone involved, and a complex split from your spouse determines the degree to which your lifestyle will change once the dissolution process is complete. Our divorce attorneys are well-versed in Wisconsin divorce laWI, and work hard to prepare you for the next stage of your life with a renewed feeling of confidence.

What to expect in a complicated, or contested, divorce in Wisconsin

The phrase “contested divorce” or “complicated divorce” often conjures images of dramatic behavior worthy of prime time soap operas. And, while parties involved in a contested divorce can be emotional and angry, the divorce process itself is actually quite orderly. During a tumultuous divorce, we are your anchor. You can expect objective, straightforward advice, with open, honest communication from us every step of the way. The process generally includes:

  • Initial assessment – This is the point at which the lawyers for each party start gathering relevant information.
  • Temporary orders – Based on our initial evaluation of your information, our Milwaukee divorce lawyers identify whether the court should issue any orders pertaining to financial support or freezing of assets while the divorce is ongoing. If we believe such orders are warranted, we will file appropriate paperwork with the court. The court will then consider the matter and render a decision.
  • Discovery – This is the process in which the parties must provide information requested by the other side. This may require a party to submit responses to written questions and relinquish certain documents requested by the other side. In some cases, one or both parties or witnesses will be deposed. The sworn testimony gleaned from these depositions is then prepared for possible use at trial.
  • Settlement talks – These are discussions which attempt to resolve differences and reach agreement on the issues. Typically where you and your spouse cannot communicate effectively, the attorneys conduct the negotiations on your behalf. Sometimes, joint settlement conferences are an effective method to reach agreement.
  • Mediation or Arbitration – Essentially, this is a last-ditch effort to avoid going to trial.
  • Trial – Evidence is presented, witnesses are called and the parties testify. Once the trial ends, the judge considers all of the evidence and renders a decision.

How long does the entire process take in a contested divorce?

The simplest answer to that question is, it depends. In Wisconsin every divorce takes at least 4 months to complete.  It is safe to say that the more disagreements the parties have, the longer it takes to resolve the matter. Additional factors that influence the process include:

  • The amount of time allowed for discovery
  • The amount of time devoted requests and issuance of preliminary orders
  • The amount of time allocated for settlement talks
  • The number of issues that have to be resolved at trial

Generally speaking, it can take the minimum time of 4 months to resolve relatively simple divorce cases and years to resolve more complex matters.

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